What Wii Have Been Doing

(This is not HL.)



I feel better now…


I’m finding myself a bit bereft of words at the moment…but I’m starting to feel that some thoughts are beginning to percolate again.

Catching Up

I have been visiting in Sydney for a week (still there, back home in a couple of days). I am going to try and remember my ‘Best and Worst’s and add them over the next day or so. I have never been able to keep a diary consistently, and I have been amazed that I have been able to post something every day for such a long time – even if it has only been a ‘highlights and lowlights of the day’ kinda post.

‘Let every heart prepare him room’

‘Joy to the world, the Lord has come!’


“You will keep him in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

Private Eating Habits

Sometimes, when the bread has gone mouldy, I just cut the visible mould off and eat the rest. And I also drink straight from the juice bottle. And I finish whatever meat is left on the bones after my husband is done with them. And I lick my plate when the meal has been particularly tasty – but only at home. And I put more sugar in my tea and coffee than I admit. And I generally eat WAY more than my share of a chocolate block…

The Cycle

I’ve noticed recently that my parents’ hands are starting to look like the hands of my grandparents.

‘I love the nightlife’ – not so much these days, actually

Our Saturday night consisted of Chinese food and Fiddler on the Roof…and I enjoyed it so much more than our staff Christmas party last night (think alcohol, screeching laughter and much estrogen).

I’m grateful for mates

The pump on our washing machine was burnt out. No water would drain, and so we were left with gross, saturated washing, and regular floods in the laundry. Our friend is an appliance repairman. Our washing machine now works perfectly. So, instead of having to fork out $800+ for a new washing machine, we paid ‘mates rates’ (= the price of the new pump + a cup of coffee), and our washing machine works like new.

12 litres of milk…

Mother and Son was a delight, and I remember the anticipation of waiting for the next episode. My family always watched it together when I was a child, and I was thrilled to find out recently that a friend owns the series on DVD. We’ve been watching from the beginning, and we saw the episode below last week. Ruth Cracknell was such a joy, and Garry McDonald the perfect son.


It’s been a craptacular day: could not get my social interaction together, and kept saying dumb, awkward things; a crazy, angry lady shouting obscentities at the whole office, accusing us all of racism; the husband of a local lady who has just died, called to arrange enrolment of his 12 year old daughter at our high school – the whole family was very involved in the homeschool community here, and the children have never gone to school (including 2 grown-up sons who I am friends with). It was such an overt indication of how changed this family’s life is now. Left me feeling a bit gutted, as I found high school quite a damaging time for me – I turned into a much harder, and more defensive person as a result – and I’m so prayerful that she won’t be broken. And, sadness, while watching Tim Minchin – who I love – on Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope, with such misunderstanding about…about what? faith, I guess, truth, eternity, reality, who God really is…the fact that God is not defined by the humans who claim to be on his side…breaks my heart.

Just shut up

Watched Noise this evening. Though the guy was clearly overly obsessed, he, nonetheless, struck a real chord. The older I get, the more sensory overload is an issue for me. Sometimes, at the end of a day in front of the computer, my eyes and ears and brain are all jittery, and it’s such a relief to turn everything off and sit, enjoying the cessation of input.


You know what’s sad?

When it’s time for Bible Study and you can’t find your Bible because it’s been weeks since you even looked for it…

Life is Capricious

I love cicadas. When my brother and I were children, we used to collect their discarded shells from the trunks of the many palm trees at our grandparents’ house, and my mum would tell us about the Green Grocers and Brown Bakers and Black Princes. There’s lots of happy memories associated with cicadas, for me.

A few days ago, after days of bucketing rain, I noticed a cicada, upside-down in his water-filled tunnel, vaguely struggling. After walking past, thinking ‘Hmm, poor thing, shouldn’t interfere with nature.’, I decided that it would be such a simple thing to go back and dig him out of his hole and rescue him. So I did.

Yesterday, after coming home from the grocery store I saw a little blob of squished stuff near where the car usually parks, and had a closer look to see what it was. Sure ’nuff…


I’ve turned this into yet another way to beat myself over the head when I don’t live up to my own expectations. Sometimes it’s just easier to sabotage oneself by deliberately putting obstacles in one’s way, so at least there’s an excuse for mediocrity.

Fun With Soup

When you have a bowl of laksa soup that has these really cool rolled-up rice noodley thingies in it, and it’s really hot, and you blow on a spoonful of it to cool it down, and there’s one of those really cool rolled-up rice noodley thingies in the spoon, well, it makes a really cool whistley noise…I’m just sayin’…Food’s not always just about the taste, sometimes it’s also about the entertainment.

Noodle Soup

Noodle Soup

Long Ago Teenage Angst

When I was in High School, I would sometimes go to class late because I was afraid that no-one would sit next to me if I sat down first.