Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I have been in absentia for so long that I was scared to log back in. As though it might have imploded from the nothingness, or, possibly, the tumbleweeds that have been blowing around in here might have banded together, raised a sentient grass army, and staged a successful coup. However, apparently my fears were groundless, and the worst that’s confronted me is more concrete evidence of my current blogging lethargy.

Ah well, ‘failure’ is becoming less and less of a big deal in my mind, so…I’m over it.

Quick summary in no particular order: wine and cheese, local drama productions, lies, mis-trust, forgiveness, weekend brunch, job changes, Danny Bhoy, new baby (not ours)…umm…too hard to construct the last two weeks any more completely than that. If I don’t record it, it’s gone, other than vague recollections, punctuated by flashes of clear memories.


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