Screw it…

I’m so out of sync with this blogging thing. I was trying so hard to, at least, have a record of each day, whether it was a single word, or in greater detail, but I lost track somehow, and it became a torturous need to ‘post every day’.  I need to see the entire forest, and not just focus on the trees. Note to self: remember the bloody name of your blog.

So, quick wrap-up of the last week (14/02/09 – 22/02/09): Mum’s 60th birthday; went away to the coast to celebrate, where it POURED and POURED, when it wasn’t bucketing-down; stayed in a beautiful resort; uncle arrived unexpectedly to surprise Mum (travelling 6 hours on a motorbike in the torrential rain); work sucked; work sucked; work sucked; fight with HL; made some awesome dinners and a very creditable attempt at a dish I tried at a café (banana coconut loaf, served with ricotta and honey); work sucked, but good humour amongst colleagues; excellent Thai to belatedly celebrate V. Day; Australia much better than expected (marketed v. poorly, in my opinion); Mum & Dad over for Sunday dinner…and that about brings it up to date.

I sez to myself, I sez…’Get over your ridiculous, and impossible ‘need’ for perfection. There is much joy in messy beauty, do not let yourself (myself) be inveigled into depression if unattainable standards are not attained.’ And I wish this would be the last time I would have to remind myself of that, but I fear that it is to be something I will struggle with till the end.


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  1. December 12, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Great blogpost, great looking blog, added it to my favs.

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