Worst and Best

Worst Thing of Today
Some bastard person (I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, ‘cos I don’t know the background, but…) dumped two tiny black fuzzy kittens at our school today. They were stuck up high on a wall behind glass panels of a display cabinet, huddled together, looking out wistfully. We had to call the RSPCA, and we all know what’s likely to happen to them now…

Best Thing of Today
As a counterpoint to the above:

And, 2 big bowls of candy/lollies were brought into the office today. Self-control in the presence of food has never been a strong suit for me, quite the contrary. So, this morning, while pleased with the yummy candy, I was also a bit concerned at how much I might eat before the end of the year. It occurred to me that I was still trying to be in control, rather than under control, and so I asked God to help me relinquish my own attempts, and allow myself to be under his control. 20 minutes later, and for the rest of the day after that, I barely thought of the candy at all…didn’t even want any…


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