Worst and Best

Worst Thing of Today
Having a minor internal meltdown as I look around my house and over my To Do list, and realise that Saturday (i.e. when Americans who are living in Australia celebrate Thanksgiving, because we don’t get the Thursday off work) is barreling towards me at a seemingly ever-increasing pace…No matter how well organised we try to be it always seems to end up that way before we have people over to our place, particularly for a ‘big’ occasion

Oh, and I woke up at 5.30am to the cats fighting each other (possibly a misunderstanding over a tom cat that was outside the back door) which ended in blood, fur and tears (one of the cats, not me)

Oh, and the laundry is currently possessed of a very unattractive smell, due to the hot water inlet of the washing machine overflowing and soaking into the hallway carpet, cat litter, fur, lint, dirty laundry, and the already damp cement laundry floor

Best Thing of Today
I’m having a much harder job of this one today…ummm…my cold/flu seems to be going away, and the weather has warmed and dried up a lot…oh, and HL mowed the front lawn


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