Worst and Best

Worst Thing of Today
a) Work was pretty hideous – crisis after crisis, with computer system breaking down in the middle of all of it, and b) having a friend have to work in our disgusting laundry – it’s the last room of our dilapidated house that we need to work on, and it’s covered in lint from the unvented dryer, cat hair, and cat litter, which the cats continually track from the litterbox

Best Thing of Today
a) Despite crappiness of work it never felt like it would inevitably overwhelm, which it would have in the past, and b) having people discover yucky things (e.g., my laundry) about me is good therapy for a semi-recovering perfectionist, and we ended up with a fixed washing machine because I let a friend into the room we generally keep closed when company comes over…things will NEVER be perfect, and trying to come to grips with that is healthy, but difficult


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