Worst and Best

Worst Thing of Today
Running around in a panic at the supermarket, feeling like I couldn’t make a considered decision about any purchase

Best Thing of Today
We finally got our ‘study-in-a-cupboard’ set up…We’ve had the computer, and all its paraphernalia, messily piled on a table in the corner of our loungeroom for a very long time. It’s been a horrible mess, and in the way, but it was the only place that had enough power and phone outlets to support all of the stuff that goes with being a modern-type person, and having access to the internets. We’ve been planning to put it all away in a cupboard in one of our spare rooms, but had no phone jack or electricity outlet nearby – and now we do! And HL set it all up and, and, and….and, it’s beautiful! The functionality! The neatness! The ‘shut-awayable-ness’!


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