It’s been a craptacular day: could not get my social interaction together, and kept saying dumb, awkward things; a crazy, angry lady shouting obscentities at the whole office, accusing us all of racism; the husband of a local lady who has just died, called to arrange enrolment of his 12 year old daughter at our high school – the whole family was very involved in the homeschool community here, and the children have never gone to school (including 2 grown-up sons who I am friends with). It was such an overt indication of how changed this family’s life is now. Left me feeling a bit gutted, as I found high school quite a damaging time for me – I turned into a much harder, and more defensive person as a result – and I’m so prayerful that she won’t be broken. And, sadness, while watching Tim Minchin – who I love – on Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope, with such misunderstanding about…about what? faith, I guess, truth, eternity, reality, who God really is…the fact that God is not defined by the humans who claim to be on his side…breaks my heart.


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