Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Watched the first episode of the new Jamie Oliver show – Jamie’s Ministry of Food– tonight. Let me just say, Jamie Oliver is amazing. HL and I have been watching him since he was a single guy boshing-it-in, and garn-(go on?)-my-son-ing, and cooking up pukka meals for his mates and feeling well chuffed. He has always been curiously and disarmingly charming in his genuine passion for, not just cooking, but making a difference.

He always seems to be biting off more than he can chew (appropriate metaphor, I suppose) (like Jamie’s School Dinners), but it, almost always, seems to pan out for him. I think it must be his enthusiasm, and his utter conviction that he can, that galvanises him and those around him. He seems to have a never-ending interest and creativity for new things.

He forces you to like him, and to feel moved and excited and comfortable, all at once. His Fowl Dinners changed the way I eat chicken and eggs; and even what I feed my cats. His zeal for the students whose lives he transformed at Fifteen was so apparent. His pleasure in plain, simple ingredients, and basic recipes, is obvious in Jamie at Home. Everything he does, he DOES.

I like Jamie Oliver.


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