HL and I have both been feeling stuffy-nosed for a while now. HL, in particular, seems to have continual ‘can’t breathe, my nose is too blocked’ symptoms, at the same time as being entirely free of other coldy-fluey indications. I, mostly, just have a sensation of not being able to clear my sinuses, no matter how many times, or how hard, I blow. It seems this has been the case, on and off, for some years now.

Our house is crappy. It’s a 1970, brick, poorly built and maintained, suburban box. The longer we live in it, the more problems seem to surface. One of the major issues, for me, is the hideousness of the windows. They’re single-paned, metal-framed, cheap-ass, sliding-glass windows. Just about every one of them seems to have a crack or a chip or some such damage so as to let the outside in. Consequently, we have a real moisture issue in the house.

There seems to have been no adequate ventilation planned in the design of this house. Every cupboard has a musty odour, the carpets, in certain spots, smell mouldy, there is continual condensation on the glass in the house, and we seem to have an out-of-control black mould infestation on our bedroom windows. No matter how frequently we air the rooms and clean the mould it always returns.

And that connects me back to our nasal issues. I am sure – I’ve convinced myself – that a lot of the sinus blockage, and, well, ‘snot’, is due to the mould. I know that black mould has been linked to respiratory problems and it doesn’t make sense that it isn’t damaging us. It seems to be a huge issue to fix definitively, though, and, as the house doesn’t belong to us, I don’t feel that I can either demand that it gets fixed (at great expense to the landlords – my parents) or spend the dollars myself to replace the windows, carpet, cupboards, etc…

It’s a problem, especially as we’re thinking of having kids, and I certainly don’t want a child to be exposed to unrelenting toxic mould. I don’t know what to do, other than open windows and doors a lot (tricky in freezing winter weather), leave fans on much of the time, continually clean off mould and work to replace the carpets with hardwood floors. *sigh*


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