Reasons I’m Grateful For My Husband #2

All my life I tried to open packets by holding the back vertical seam and pulling the top seam open (like on a chip packet…yep, this is as awkward as it sounds) or simply trying to tear across the top (like with the seasoning packet from instant noodles). This technique didn’t work very well. I would often end up with chips all over the floor, or noodle seasoning in the sink, or simply be unable to get the packet open at all, but I figured that that was simply ‘how it was’.

Then I met HL. He had a different packet-opening process. It was so simple…and made me feel really dumb. Those little serrated bits on the top of the packet? Yeah…you’re s’posed to tear down from those.

I still pull open the top seam on packets when it’s easy, but I’m very grateful to know how to open the tricky ones.


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