American Things That I Miss #1

Orange Juliuses

In 1998 I moved to the U.S. to meet HL in person and he spent a lot of time showing me cool things about America and Seattle and fun stuff to do in the Pacific Northwest. One of the places he took me to (amongst other, much bigger and more exciting places) was an Orange Julius stand at the Mall. I couldn’t quite grasp what the hoo-hah over an orange drink was all about until I had one. It was unlike anything that I had drunk before.

There was a bit of the Tang about it, but it was also milkshakey. It was like they took regular pure, fresh-squeezed orange juice and added extra sweetness and fluffiness and…errmm…’roundness’ (? – don’t ask me, that’s just the term that came to mind). It drank like a meal in a disposable cup. Every time we went to the mall I couldn’t leave without one.

And now, there are none to be had here in Australia. Sometimes I get the remembered taste of one in my mouth and it’s almost as much as I can do to withstand the urge to immediately buy a ticket and get on a plane…


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