Reasons I’m Grateful For My Husband #1

He taught me to burp.

All through my growing-up my mum drummed into me that burping was ‘yucky’, and that it wasn’t a ‘nice’ thing to do – ‘Piggy’ was the term applied, in jest, to anyone in my family who burped within earshot.

Consequently, I think I learnt to swallow my burps, which made for very painful stomachaches and a strange gurgling in my throat whenever a burp tried to ‘escape’. Over time it became an automatic response and I wasn’t even able to force a burp (I tried, goodness me, I tried…”Drink lots of Coke.” “Swallow a lot of air.” “Contract your stomach.” “Gurgle in your throat a bit, and then push the air out.” “Drink from the other side of the glass.” – oh, wait, that one was for hiccups.). It was just never something I was able to get past.

And then I met HL. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I must’ve relaxed. It was as though my body remembered what I’d taught it to forget, as though a latch had unlocked, and something that had hampered me since childhood was gone.

I almost never get stomachaches anymore. This has been HL’s impact on lots of other areas in my life as well – “Just relax.” – and tensions which have been coiled inside for decades have unsprung.


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