A man by any other name

So, I was talking to the husband yesterday about his presence here. I asked him if he had any ideas about what he might like to be called so I can be respectful of his privacy, but still provide some insight into who he is.

Me: So, this blog-thingy that I started…?

Husband: Yeah…

M: What would you like to be called? I want a name or title that I can refer to you as, but not something that would identify you as such… Any ideas?

H: James Bond

M: No

H: B-Man

M: Nope

H: Golden Man Hunk?

M: No

H: Stud Monkey

M: Ah…no

H: Doc Holliday

M: No

H: Doctor Delicious?

M: No… What about just a name that you pick that might be a bit like your name?

H: meh…What about Giant Penis Man?

M: I’m not putting that on the blog.

H: Come up with your own then.

M: *sigh* Alright.

Fine, Handsome Lad it is then, HL for short.


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