I can call you Teh Internets…

and Teh Internets, when you call me, you can call me…well…Aili (pretty close, huh? Pronounce it A-li.)

(I never really got the whole ‘Betty’ and ‘Al’ and ‘bodyguard’ thing, but this gives some insight…I guess. Not sure how good teh internets are at being anybody’s bodyguard, and dunno if I’m anybody’s long-lost pal…let’s just see how it goes, huh? *grin*)

Stats and Facts
*Married to an American
*Lived in the US for 7 years, from about age 23 to 30-ish (and will move back one day)
*Currently living back in Australia
*1975 is my birth year
*errrmm…we have 2 cats, no kids. That may change at some point in the future (the kid bit, not the cat bit…though, conceivably, cats could die I s’pose…they were very expensive to ship to Australia from the US though, so I hope we get our money’s worth)
*And, that’ll do. It’s always nice to have some concept in one’s head about the owner and updater of a blog, but I don’t need to overshare this early in the peace.



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